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We stand behind each and every bundle of hair we sell.
Because they all make us proud.

Raw hair is considered to be the highest grade of human hair extensions because the hair is untouched by any abrasive chemicals or damaging heat. Additionally, all of our hair is cutically-aligned (also known as remy), with hair cuticles 100% intact and aligned in the same direction. Because of these factors, our hair does not suffer from tangling, shedding or matting, thus significantly prolonging the lifespan of each bundle. Joy & Body Hair extensions are meticulously sorted to select only the finest strands of each length, which ensures that each bundle is always the best bundle of hair.

Our RAW Indian and PURE Cambodian collections are sourced from the healthiest donors and providers in India and Cambodia. Once the hair is collected, washed, conditioned, wefted and sanitized without any harsh chemicals or heat. Because of this, with proper care, our hair can last up to over 5 years!

Because of our high qualities and our dedication to integrity, we do our best to make sure that every strand of hair in each bundle is of the same length.

Our full-time dedicated staff work alongside our USA trained managers to monitor all production processes for compliance with rigid standards of quality, environment, and safety. 90% of our employees are women, most of whom live in the local communities and are an average age of 32-years-old.

We know who we work with. And we know who donates their hair. In exchange for the donated hair, we pay money to the temple that we work with so that they are able to supply food, water, clothes and some other things for those in need. In Cambodia, we pay each person who decided to sell their hair a fair price. We do not try to trick or undercut the seller in any way. Our donors are just as important as our customers. And we recognize this 100%.